Without The Story We are Blind – Chinua Achebe!

How time flies! Today marks the first anniversary of my book : First Cut : Memoirs Of A Football Fan.

Let me celebrate this anniversary by borrowing one of the most potent statement ever made about the story teller by the great man himself, Chinua Achebe. The nugget of wisdom is expressed by the wise old man in the classic novel : Anthills Of The Savannah. I quote him verbatim,

” To some of us the owner of the world has apportioned the gift to tell their fellows that the time to get up has finally came. To others, he gives the eagerness to rise when they hear the call, to rise with racing blood, put on the garbs of war and go to the boundary of their town to engage the invading enemy boldly in battle. And then there are those whose part is to wait and when the struggle is ended, to take over and recount the story…. “

” The sounding of the battle drum is important, the fierce waging of the war itself is important and the telling of the story afterwards , each of them is important. But if you ask me which of them takes the eagle feather, i will say that the story is chief among its fellows. Why do i say so ? Because it is the story that outlives the sound of the war drums and the exploits of brave warriors. It is the story not the others which saves our progeny from blundering like blind beggars into the spikes of the cactus fence. The story is our escort, without it we are blind….!” concluded the wise old man.

More stories are now emerging from the Zimbabwe football arena. Let us continue to build the Library.

The story indeed lives forever!

Thank you everyone for the support. Happy Anniversary : First Cut: Memoirs Of A Football Fan.

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