when Football Meets Music, a tribute to the Bhundu Boys and Oscar Motsi.

RIGHT: The Legendary Bundu Boys and on the left Oscar “Simbimbino” Motsi of CAPS United

In 1987 , the trailblazing musical group, The Bhundu Boys produced a monster of a song . They named it Simbimbino. The song is based on a folklore ,it is a story about a cruel husband who does the incomprehensible . He plots the destruction of his wife not through physical annihilation but by resorting to his magical powers . It was a heinous act which only the inimitable Bhundu Boys could turn into a chart buster. We danced to it, oblivious to the deep message of domestic violence which was and still is imbedded in the song. It is a song which will make even those with dry bones stand up and dance. It remains an ageless classic!

Allow me to indulge you with the lyrics:


Amai budikai kani, Amai Budikai kani..

Kubudika ka ndabudika i mwanangu, ndi baba vako, hona vakandicherera gomba ka, Simbimbino, simbimbimo wee..

Ndokunge paine umwe murume, Baba ava vakaitira mukadzi vavo utsinye. Vakacherera mukadzi vavo gomba mumunda. Amai vaye vakati vachinotemha muriwo vakabva vawira mugomba vakasanduka kuva nguruve, Sezvo muchiziva pasi chigare , pasi pasati parohwa nenyundo, mai vaye vakabva vaita nguruve. Baba vaye vachisvika vakaona, inga mune nyama.

Kuti vachinonoburitsa nyama iya, yakabva yaramba zvikanzi enda unodaidza mwana vangu. Mwana akadaidzwa , mwana uyu ainzi Simbimbino akatanga kuimba,

Amai budikai ka, amai budikai , Kubudika ika ndino budikaik mwana vangu , baba vako, hona vakandicherera gomba, Simbimbino wee.

Mwana uya achiimba, baba vaye vakange vatopinda mugomba ndokuburitsa nyama iya. Vavsika kumba kuti vachinocheka nyama iya zvakabva zvaramba, banga kutoita kunge richatogomara. Zvikanzi enda unodaidza mwana vangu.

Simbimbino uya achisvika akatanga kuimba zve,Amai chekakai kani, amai chekakai kani. Kuchekeka ndachekeka mwana vangu , ndibaba vako , hona vakandicherera gomba, Simbimbino, Simbimbino wee.

Baba vanga vatotanga kuckeka, wee , wee wee. Yaivaida kudya musi uyu vakabva vaisa mupoto, imwe kubva viasa pamutariro, zvikanzi mazuva anoteera, nhomba ye nyama inombopera.

Zvakazosara zvoitwa nababa ava, Simbimbino haana kuzozvimirira. Akabva amhanya kwa Mambo kunovaudza zvanga zvaitwa nababa vake. Mambo vaye havana kupedza nguva , ndokutuma machinda ake akati endai munomutora murume iyeye, handidi maninji akadaro munyika mangu!

Baba vakatosvikirwa vatori mushishi kudya vakanzi, baba, murikudiwa namambo. Baba vaya havana kuita nharo vakasvika vakanzi, ko baba, mudzimai venyu maisepi? Baba vaye vakatadza kupindura, naiwo wo kubva vaurayiwa…

The song ends with the fading voice of the Chief Narrator , the leading vocalist ,the legendary Biggie Tembo,

” Izvi zvinotidzidzisa kusaita husvinhu”

What a song and what a message rooted in our cultural respect for human life. No matter what happens, a human being cannot a pig , he or she can never be butchered like one butchers a natural pig for the pot. If this Ubuntu philosophy founded on the sacredness of human life is abandoned by the living , the dead cannot be expected to rest. The woman fought her battle and and she made sure that her monster husband would not see peace.

It is also telling that the Mambo was swift in dispensing justice, ” Handidi manenji akadaro munyika mangu inini !” The perpetrator got his due deserts, the message was clear, a human being is not a pig to be butchered for the pot, .. its a timeless message, a message the current generation should pay heed to. Life has become cheap easily dispensed off in violent circumstances.

But where does the greatness of the Bhundu Boys meet Oscar Motsi.

Well dear reader, when the dusty streets of Glen Norah suburb used to be a football nursery for one the biggest football clubs in the country , Caps United, an effervescent young star emerged. His name was Oscar Motsi. His emergence as a schoolboy at Kwayedza High school in Highfield coincided with Bhundu Boys chartbuster. Soon he had a nickname, he became known as “Simbimbino”.

Oscar Motsi was some player who covered the length and breath of the pitch because of his energy. He was enthusiastic and soon became a crowd favourite. His every touch was greeted with the new nickname ” Simbimbino “. I watched him many times especially at Gwanzura Stadium and i still have vivid memories of those runs up and down with or without the ball. He was also a good ball winner and on many occasions was tasked to man mark and neutralise a dangerous opponent . Often enough he did that with aplomb and always stuck to the task.

This strength was acknowledged in that historic match when Caps United demolished the old enemy Dynamos 7 -0 in a National foods Africa Day semi final match in 1988. Sam Marisa in his article published in the Herald with the screaming headline, Caps Hit Dynamos For 7, wrote, ” Caps United coach Freddy Mkwesha ‘s strategy of making Motsi dog Elvis Chiweshe paid dividends as this neutralised the Dynamos midfield !” This sums the abilities of our hero. Elvis Chiweshe , nicknamed ” Chuchu ” was no pushover and for Motsi to do a job on him ,spoke volumes about his abilities! My respect.

Dear reader, a little tribute to the Bhundu Boys, true legends of our music narrative and to the vivacious Oscar Motsi, the one who earned the nickname ” Simbimbino “. What a story !

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