“Anyone Who loves Football, Loves Ozil..!” Arsene Wenger.

It is such a shame that the football marriage which started so well under manager Arsene Wenger ended so acrimoniously under new manager Mikel Arteta. It ended with Mesut Ozil being banished from the matrimonial bed , the Emirates Stadium, a stadium built to exhibit the type of football which Ozil was renowned for. But Arteta decided that he wanted to follow a different path so he signed the divorce papers. It was a brave call by the manager and so far he has been vindicated, the young boys he has trusted to take up the baton have not let him down.

The man who changed Arsenal Football club from ” Boring , boring Arsenal! One nil to the Arsenal ” to ” Scoring Scoring Arsenal!”, Arsene Wenger once declared after a match against Everton, ” Mesut Ozil is a top class player, rather than talking about him, I would rather watch him again. If you love to watch football, you love to watch Ozil” said the man known in football circles as Le Professor.

I agree with Le Professor, Ozil in full flow was and I hope is still a joy to watch. The BBC picked what they called 5 top Ozil moments in the EPL. The first one was a backheeled pass for Giroud to score, it was an exquisite touch. The enthralled commentator said simply ” beautiful! “. The second was a goal scored on the half volley, he hit it first time into the roof of nets. The third was passage of play when he played flowing give and go passes, ” Ozil, Wilshere, Ozil, Lacazzette, beautiful..Ozil the orchestrator, that is a real thing of beauty, this is vintage Arsenal !”, the commentator was almost running out of superlatives. The fourth was a free kick, he curled it around the wall in his own special way, “simply beautiful!” were the commentator’s words. The last one was a team goal with Ozil again the conductor of the of the piece ” beautiful Arsenal goal !” was the compliment. These were all different commentators and yet ” beautiful ” was a word which was a common factor in their commentary.

Indeed beautiful is a word associated with Ozil goals and moves. I accept he was often accused of disappearing in the big matches. Because of his laid back demeanour, many did not see his physical effort, some thought he was being lazy. However, Ozil also had those beautiful moments which made him such a special player. It is such moments which will always make him a gift to the football world despite his flaws.

In the end, a boardroom decision was made, Ozil felt betrayed as he departed for the land of his forefathers Turkey to join boyhood club Fenerbahce. He was quoted, ” I grew up as a Fenerbahce fan as a kid in Germany. Every German -Turkish person supports a Turkish club when they grow up in Germany . And mine is Fenerbahce”! he said on twitter. Arsene Wenger, the man who has backed him all the way said, ” Mesut is a guy who needs a warm environment, he will thrive in Turkey. He is like an orchestra in music . He is a guy who plays the ball at the right time, the timing of the pass is exceptional but creativity of the pass as well. In every situation he confronts, he gives the right answer and that is GENIUS!” That was effusive from his former manager.

They say seven is the perfect number, Ozil spent seven and half years at The Emirates. It could have been perfect but unfortunately circumstances intervened. I wish him the best as he departs for what Le Professor calls “a warm environment “. Let Football be the winner!

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